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Yiwen Hu, go by producer name BFLoLemur(Buffalo Lemur) and LemurF, graduated from Berklee College of Music, and now returning to hometown Shanghai as a Hip Hop beat-maker and producer. She grew up listening to K-pop and started to study Hip Hop with Shea Rose and Prince Charles Alexander in Berklee College of Music.

She has produced songs for Henry Lau “Born A Winner”, Ren Hao任豪“Come and Be My Love”, Lin Chao Ze林超泽“Woo Hoo Hoo”, Lai Mei Yun赖美云 “Xin Yuan心愿”, Veggee “Maybe Someday每个明天”, and having been collaborating with Bilibili producing on several projects including virtual idol groups “Xiao Hai Zi小海梓”,“Si Xi Wan Zi 四禧丸子”,and composing and producing songs for 2022 Bilibli Dance Festival.

She is collaborating with an upcoming Hip Hop label in China called “Fifty Fifty” with artist Diamond Zhang for her first mixtape Level D. 

She had also involved in visual media. She composed and arranged theme songs for game “Code: Yeying”, “Artery Gear: Fusion” and “Artery Gear” Taiwan released. She also did sound design and foley edit for short animation film "PASS" and "Prey".

She is good at collaborating and communicating. She had experiences working with topliners and mixing engineers from South Korea, US, and China, and she is fluent at English and Chinese, learning Korean in the process.

She has enthusiasm in what she is doing, always on time, working hard.

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