Yiwen Hu currently lives and studies in Shanghai and Boston. Pantatonic runs in her blood. She learned Chinese traditional instrument Guzheng since she was 6. She is an arranger, a visual media composer, a sound designer and a singer. She studies in Berklee College of Music majoring in Electronic Production and Sound Design. She also self-teaches mixing.

During her studying in Berklee College of Music, she got awarded Dean's list in 2016 Fall semester and 2017 Spring semester. At the same time, she participated several events held by Chinese Student Association as a staff member and a performer.

Yiwen considers her career as a film, game composer, so she develops certain skills for that. While she majors in Electronic Production and Sound Design, she also takes classes from film scoring major and composition major.

In 2017 summer, Yiwen got back to Shanghai to attend her previous university's commencement. She and her friends cooperated to make a graduation song and a graduation album. This experience enabled her to get in touch with Shanghai MJMS studio, and finally formed a cooperation with them as an arranger. 

Yiwen's style mainly focuses on electronic, classical, pop rock and RnB music. And she herself is largely influenced by Tan Dun, Yoko Kanno and Joe Hisaishi. She also grown up listening to K-pop music. She believes that all music genres deserved to be appreciated, and the joy of music is to mix things together and get fresh every time. There is no certain limits that she can do or cannot do, and she will keep on exploring in the world of music.


  • 2016 Receive an Entering Scholarship from Berklee College of Music for Degree Studies

  • 2016 Fall Semester Dean's List at Berklee College of Music

  • 2017 Spring Semester Dean's List at Berklee College of Music