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Yiwen Hu

Cell-phone: (86)13918522657





2016-Present              Berklee College of Music(degree), major in Electronic Production and Sound Design

2013-2015                   Shanghai University of Finance and Economics(degree), major in World Economy and Trade, Economics Sociology(incomplete)



  • 2022.July                   Produce for Dai Yanni(戴燕妮) - Run Into You

  • 2022.Feb                    Compose and arrange for Lai Meiyun(赖美云) - Xin Yuan

  • 2022.Apr                   Compose and arrange for “Artery Gear: Fusion” Taiwan theme - Po Shi(破世)

  • 2021.Nov                  Compose and arrange for “Artery Gear: Fusion” 2nd Anniversary Theme - Into The Light

  • 2021.Aug                  Compose and arrange for “Code: Yeying” PV theme - Sacrifice

  • 2021.July                   Arranging for Henry Lau(刘宪华) - Born A Winner

  • 2021.June                   Compose and arrange for Ren Hao(任豪) - Come and Be My Love

  • 2021.Apr-current       Produce for Diamond Zhang first Mixtape “Level D”

  • 2020.Nov.                   Produce for Lin Chaoze(林超泽) - Woo Hoo Hoo

  • 2020.Sep.-2020.Oct.  Produce for LANA - Talk Talk                   

  • 2019.Oct.                    Sound design for short film project “Luna” with Jesahel Newton-Bernal (director) and Farhan Sarasin 

  • 2018.May                    Title, menu and levelup music and sound design for game “Dashcrusher”

  • 2017.Aug - 2019.Jan  Cooperate with Shanghai MJMS studio as an arranger:

    • Arrange for three original songs in film Mi Cheng

    • Co-arrange song ‘Rebirth’ for singer Mingwei Hai

    • Several arranging projects for school and company events


  • Software: FL Studio, Logic, Pro Tools

  • Coding: Max, Unity

  • Production: Arrange, Beatmaking, Sound design, Toplining, Visual media Scoring, Mixing

  • Languages: English, Chinese


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