Yiwen Hu

Cell-phone: (1)857-284-3736

Email: loushan20060113@126.com

Website: https://yhu500.wixsite.com/yiwenhu



2016-Present              Berklee College of Music(degree), major in Electronic Production and Sound Design

2013-2015                   Shanghai University of Finance and Economics(degree), major in World Economy and Trade, Economics Sociology(incomplete)


2019                            Spring EPD Academic Achievement Awards

2016 - 2018                 Deans List at Berklee College of Music

2016                            Entering Scholarship at Berklee College of Music



  • 2019.Oct. – current     Sound design for short film project “Luna” with Jesahel Newton-Bernal (director) and                                                               Farhan Sarasin (composer)

  • 2019.October              Song “Runnin’” collaboration with David Robinson (mixing)

  • 2019.October              Score for short documentary with Huihui Lou

  • 2019.July                     Song “Saucin’” collaboration with Jeremy Cronson (producting, mixing, mastering)

  • 2019.July                     Song “Saucin’” collaboration with Jeremy Cronson (producting, mixing,


  • 2019.June                    Song “Delusion” collaboration with Myia Thornton (producing, mixing, mastering)

  • 2019.June – current    Score for short film “In the Ocean” with Huihui Lou

  • 2019.April                   Score for short film project “Can’t Cease the Wind” by Garrith Yang

  • 2019.March                 Score and sound design for short film project “A Funeral” by Yi Lu

  • 2018.December          Score for short film project “Sunlight on Cold Water” by Huihui Lou

  • 2018.June                    Score for short film project “Blanca” by Garrith Yang

  • 2018.May                    Title, menu and levelup music and sound design for game “Dashcrusher”


  • 2017.August - 2019.January

    • Cooperate with Shanghai MJMS studio as an arranger:

      • Arrange for three original songs in film Mi Cheng

      • Co-arrange song ‘Rebirth’ for singer Mingwei Hai

      • Several arranging projects for school and company events


  • Software: FL Studio, Logic, Pro Tools, Finale

  • Coding: Max, Unity

  • Production: Sound design, visual media scoring, mixing

  • Multi-instrumentalist: Guzheng (Chinese traditional instrument), piano, guitar, djembe, and background vocalist

  • Languages: English, Chinese


Brief Introduction

            Yiwen Hu is a Shanghai based visual media composer, arranger and singer. Musically, she focuses most her styles on Hip Hop, electronic, and classical music. She gets inspired by Joe Hisaishi, Beyoncé, and Kendrick Lamar. She grew up listening to Chinese traditional music, as well as Korean pop music. Sound design wise, she likes Sci-fi, horror, and magical stuff that could leave the audiences a whole new experience outside their real life.